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Jan Pedro Vis - Global Procurement Director at DSM
""This training differs from other trainings since they apply follow-up to make the learnings stick.There is a lasting impact tot the team: 6 months later the team is still very engaged on the methodology. They share experiences and consequently develop their time management skills further, resulting in increased stress-free productivity.""
Jan Pedro Vis - Global Procurement Director at DSM
Jeff de Haan - Vice President and Head of Financial Adviser Services Benelux at Dimensional Fund Advisors
""Master in Teams taught me the system and the way of working that made me focus on the stuff that really matters. My goals got even clearer and there’s less chaos from all the little stuff. I would recommend the training to everyone who’s ready to take their productivity to the next level!""
Jeff de Haan - Vice President and Head of Financial Adviser Services Benelux at Dimensional Fund Advisors

Today was great… I only replied to my e-mails. Sounds familiar? Guess not – and yet we still spend hours and hours doing exactly that: sending out emails, attending meetings and re-shifting tasks. We are busy being busy, instead of doing those things we really think are important.

And so, we end up doing less than we wanted in the first place. Nothing to worry about, probably. But the truth is: this will cause bigger problems.

  • Failing to be on schedule occasionally means you won’t be able to reach your quarterly and annual targets eventually.
  • It causes stress and you will feel dissatisfied.
  • Joining hands with your co-workers will become increasingly challenging.

This training will help you undo any downward spirals. Calm will be restored, and energy will be reloaded to proceed efficiently.

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Michelle Wiesman

Idea brain wave

Does this sound any familiar?

  • You have a busy job and you are investing best efforts to reach targets. You are submerged in challenges deciding what your day at work will look like. Setting priorities is an exception.
  • You are using notepads, post-its and apps to collect all the important stuff. Your head is turning just thinking about all the things you need to remember. You have received like a thousand emails and your Inbox is taking control.
  • Your ‘To-Do’ list is way too long or it consists of post-its that have not been prioritised. On extremely busy days you embrace the survival-mode, releasing the control button. You allow work to take over, causing a great amount of stress.
  • You are perfectly aware of this: things could be better, but you haven’t been able to find the best structure yet to manage your workflow.
Time stopwatch progress

So how do we proceed?

  • We will design a comprehensive system for your diary, tasks, emails and projects using Microsoft Outlook and OneNote. It is a very practical training, really. You can get started right away.
  • The first session is about maintaining an overview. All urgent matters will be categorised (bottom-up). The step to empty your head into the system will make you feel comfortable. We will introduce you to a new workflow, designing your work environment as such to make sure it supports you.
  • The second session is about finetuning your system and mapping your targets efficiently. As a result, you will no longer be controlled by your emails, focussing on your personal and professional targets instead.
  • In the third session (follow-up) we will evaluate the system, making sure you are perfectly capable of finetuning stuff in the future.
Paper plane

The result is this:

  • You will experience tranquillity and perspective. You will be in control.
  • You will have a concrete, easy workflow allowing you to process all of your emails, requests and phone calls correctly and effectively.
  • You will be able to set priorities, bearing in mind the urgency of each and every task.
  • Your will be stress-free.
  • Your job will be more satisfactory, because you can tackle projects with attention and a sense of commitment. You work to enjoy life and you embrace your weekends feeling good about yourself.

Training setup

The training consists of three sessions to help you gain skills and ensure change of conduct:

  • Session no. 1: Workflow management, set up Outlook (3 hours)
  • Session no. 2: Set targets, project management, set up OneNote (3 hours, about 2 weeks later)
  • Session no. 3: Evaluate and refine your system, ensure change of conduct (2 hours, about. 5 weeks later)

Number of participants: 8-12 participants for each training

Costs: € 4,500 for each training (in-company) excluding VAT and costs of materials and travels.

If you would like to schedule several training sessions at the same time, please let us know so, so we can provide a customised strategy and estimate. Also, this training can be combined within a programme with our other trainings, to cover all 3 conditions to having a successful business strategy:

  • TIME MANAGEMENT: Control time: it is the only way to focus on what really matters.
  • TEAM DYNAMICS: Find out people’s drives, allow people to be in the right place, in order to excel.
  • TARGETS: Set targets that are actually feasible, to increase sense of commitment and boost energy.

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Executive Coaching

Do the themes mentioned above sound familiar, however you think they involve not only yourself, but in fact the entire organisation? Time Management may sound like an operational theme – and yet it may cause a strategy to pay off or fail. It is one of the three basic conditions organisations must meet to be able to work together effectively and successfully.

During her Executive Coaching sessions, Michelle Wiesman (founding partner of Master in Teams) helps entrepreneurs and senior managers find a comprehensive approach to allow organisations that got stuck, and which have stopped performing at their optimum levels, run smoothly once again. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to schedule your free introduction.

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